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SHALOM SHALOM CONSULTING was birthed during the COVID 19 lockdown so we guess something good did come out of COVID! Having worked in a couple of profit and non-profit organizations for a period spanning almost 20 years. CEO and Lead HR Consultant Oluwafemi AKA Femi Omotola discovered two common threads.

A lot of employees are unhappy at work and this emanates for the most part from their relationship with their Supervisors and Managers. A lot of employees have issues with their Managers and Supervisors but are not comfortable discussing them. They would rather speak with someone else.

Having observed these common threads in a lot of organizations Shalom Shalom Consulting was set up to help Managers and Executives of small and medium-sized businesses improve their bottom line by boosting their employee’s morale.

According to Rachel Montanez of Forbes, 81% of employees fake happiness at work! Armed with the information from this source and several others we decided we will delve into HR Consulting and coach Executives, Leaders and Managers, in general, the importance of Employee Engagement.

This is achieved through customized interactive training which resolves those “difficult to talk about” areas resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability. The landscape of work has changed and is in constant flux. Companies who are unable to improve employee morale will likely increase labour turnover and unfortunately, these Corporations will assume the nomenclature” revolving door” if something is not done to curtail the spread.